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Version: 2.0.0 ๐Ÿšง

User modes

The following user modes are supported in ircd-yeti:

(*) = Denotes a mode that can only be set by an operator or server.

a (*)AdminDesignates this client is a Server Administrator.
BBotDesignates this client is a bot.
dDeafPrevents the client from receiving channel messages.
E (*)DebugCan see debug messages.
f (*)FakehostGrants configured fakehost.
F (*)Can floodDisables fake lag and exempts from flood protection.
GSoft Caller IDBlock private messages from users not on any common channels with the client (unless they're accepted).
gCaller IDOnly accepted users can message the clients.
H (*)Hidden OperHides IRC Operator status.
INo Idle timeHides idle and signon time in WHOIS from normal users.
iInvisibleHides the client from global WHO/WHOIS by normal users, and shows only shared channels in WHOIS replies.
k (*)ServicePrevents a service client from being kicked/deopped/killed.
N (*)NetAdminDesignates this client is a Network Administrator.
nNo ChansHides channel list in WHOIS from normal users.
O (*)LocOpDesignates this client is a Local Operator.
o (*)OperatorDesignates this client is an IRC operator.
P (*)ParanoidCan see when a user WHOIS' them.
Q (*)QuarantinedPrevents an unauthenticated client from performing various actions.
RReg OnlyBlock private messages from unauthenticated clients.
r (*)AuthenticatedDesignates this client is authenticated to an account.
sServer noticesSubscribe to server notice masks.
uUnfilteredReceive messages that are filtered server-side due to content (i.e. spam).
wWall messagesCab see wallops/wallusers messages.
xHidden hostHides hostname and IP address from normal users.
X (*)XtraOpGrants extra privileges such as being unkickable, etc.
z (*)SecureDesignates this client is connected via TLS.
ZSecure OnlyBlocks private messages from non-TLS users.