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Version: 1.0

User modes

The following user modes are supported in ircd-yeti:

(*) = Denotes a mode that can only be set by an operator or server.

a (*)AdminGrants server administrator privileges.
dDeafPrevents you from receiving channel messages.
f (*)FakehostGrants configured fakehost.
F (*)Can floodDisables fake lag and exempts you from flood protection.
g (*)DebugEnables receiving debug messages.
h (*)SethostGrants configured vhost.
H (*)Hidden OperHides IRC Operator status.
iInvisibleHides you from /WHO lookups unless the person knows your exact nickname.
I (*)No IdletimeHides the idletime for the user in their /WHOIS reply.
k (*)ServicePrevents a service client from being kicked/deopped/killed.
n (*)No ChansHides what channels the user is in their /WHOIS reply.
N (*)NetAdminGrants network administrator privileges.
o (*)OperatorGrants operator privileges.
O (*)LocOpGrants local operator privileges.
P (*)ParanoidShows users who /WHOIS you.
qCommonChans OnlyUsers must share a common channel with you to privmsg/invite you.
Q (*)QuarantinedPrevents unauthenticated users from performing various actions.
r (*)AuthenticatedUser is authenticated to an account.
RReg OnlyUsers must be authenticated to an account to privmsg you.
sServer noticesAllows you to subscribe/unsubscribe from service notices.
wWall messagesAllows you to recieve wallops/wallusers messages.
xHidden hostHides your host/IP address from other users.
X (*)XtraOpGrants extra privileges such as being unkickable, etc.
z (*)SecureDenotes a user connected using TLS/SSL.